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Here's What's New 

4NHHPCO in collaboration with the Palliation Workgroup of the New Hampshire Comprehensive Cancer
    Collaboration (NH CCC) has introduced a “Promoting Earlier Access to Palliative Care Toolkit” for
    healthcare professionals in all settings. For a complete list of resources PLEASE CLICK HERE

4The Emerging Issues work group of the NH Comprehensive Cancer Collaboration (NHCCC) in
    collaboration with the Palliative Care work group, has released an issue brief titled “Taking the Fear Out
    of Palliative Care”. Anne Marie Winkler, an Emerging Issues work group member, led the efforts in
    creating this article to help inform readers about the benefits of palliative care and how to be referred
    for this comprehensive patient-centered care. Please share with colleagues, patients and families. The
    brief can be found at:

4Got too much stuff? Cleaning out your closets? Moving? Redoing? Journey Home Thrift welcomes
   quality new and used items! Journey Home Thrift Shop is a non-profit organization supporting the work 
   of NHHPCO. For information and store location and hours please CLICK HERE…
4NHHPCO announces support for the development of POLST. The NHHPCO Board of Directors recently
    voted to support the use of Provider Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST). A comprehensive
    POLST strategy will provide an opportunity to respect the wishes of patients and strengthen
    communication between patients and clinicians and among different health provider organizations. The
    POLST document reflects current preferences of the patient with serious illness or frailty and answers
    questions for treatment that goes beyond the portable DNR. The POLST extends patient autonomy in
    multiple care settings by allowing people to document their desire for common treatments that often
    require quick decisions to administer such as antibiotics, blood transfusions and fluids. The POLST
    initiative is being led by the N.H. Healthcare Decisions Coalition.

4Are you interested in becoming a hospice volunteer? Join one of the hundreds of trained volunteers
    providing this valuable support to families throughout New Hampshire. For information on upcoming
    training programs
4Interested in becoming involved in NHHPCO activities... committee work,
    a networking group?


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4 SPOTLIGHT on Educational Opportunities Around the State and Surroundings


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